How to Use Your Phone to Become the Next Top Earning Blogger

More and more people are making their fortunes from blogging every year. Gone are the days of simple, early Internet style layouts on platforms like Blogger and Piczo where bloggers would talk about mundane topics such as their daily lives and what they had for lunch that day. The most successful bloggers of today use their blogs to create social media brands connected to their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages designed to push products and seduce advertisers. And there is money to be made – the most profitable social media influencers can take home upwards of $100,000 a year, with exceptionally famous influencers making that much for a single post.

How Do the Influencers Do It?

Social media influencers use their cellphones to blog in order to provide their hordes of loyal followers up to the moment insights into their lives. Smartphones today make it easier than ever to record your reaction to a specific product or event and upload the content to your blog or social media site and start raking in that advertiser money. So how can you blog from your phone, gain followers, and become the next top earning influencer? Here are 3 tips.

WordPress from Your Phone

Downloading a blogging app to your smartphone is the easiest way to blog from your mobile device. Top blogging sites like WordPress and Tumblr have mobile apps that allow you to publish content straight from your phone. This allows you to give your followers real time updates on your thoughts on brands and products. You can also download the Google Analytics app in order to view real time stats on your blogs and posts at any time of the day or night. Tracking your blogging stats allows you to tailor your content to posts that attract the greatest number of followers.

Be Seen

Forming a relationship with your followers is paramount if you want to become an influencer. Your followers will be more likely to heed your recommendations if they feel like they know you personally. Apps like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to interact with your followers and create relationships with them. This will greatly increase your credibility and boost your conversions, with the knock-on effect of impressing brands by your large number of followers across diverse platforms.

Learn Photography

Photos taken from your front facing camera in a dimly lit room aren’t going to cut it. Top earning bloggers and influencers post professional quality photos to their sites. Professional looking photos will help to boost your credibility and allow you to represent products in a way that is consistent with the brand that you are promoting. Downloading a photo editing app allows you to edit your photos into works of marketing art that your followers will enjoy.

Social media marketing is about much more than just posting content and giving your opinion. Modern blogging and social media marketing is about creating your personal brand and maintaining the trust of your followers through personal relationships and relatability. If you can master the complex formula of branding, humor, and aesthetic, you will be on your way to making blogging your full-time job.