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Protect Your Cell Phone From Hackers via MyMobiSafe

August 27, 2007 9:20 AM | Interesting | Software | Comments (3)

Did you know your cell phone can be hacked into thus stealing your private information even if the power is turned off?  Did you know whether you are on your cell phone or not, snoop-ware can activate the microphone and listen to your conversation?  Did you know hackers have used mobile keylogging applications to track every cell phone key stroke thus getting people's credit card numbers who they were ordering an item?  Did you know hackers can plant viruses on your cell phone? (View the video of a family that was terrorized by a cell phone hacker.)

Remember your cell phone is really a small computer that you carry around with you.  And unlike a computer that can run by hardwire to protect it, your cell phone cannot.  Wireless makes your cell phone accessible to anyone with the right tools.  Experts believe that without the same kinds of firewalls that are recommended for PCs, you could be inviting unwanted strangers into your home.

Well as always there is a company selling products / services to counter the hackers!  MyMobiSafe is a mobile security solution that creates a line of defense between your phone and viruses. MyMobiSafe is the only mobile security software that works to protect all phones. 

Using their central server management coupled with advanced universal delivery technology MyMobiSafe adds protection against the most common mobile threats. MyMobiSafe is designed to encrypt key operating files while putting up a protective barrier to keep mobile threats out.

MyMobiSaf works with most cell phones that are capable of receiving text messages. The company sends MyMobiSafe to your handset through an advanced text messaging delivery system so that it will automatically load upon arrival to the handset. They use a central sever management solution to manage your mobile security real-time no matter where you live in the world.

Cell Phone Hackers Terrorize Family

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someone hacked into my phone and sent my boyfriend some text messages saying that I was dumping him and some other things. I just want to know how this is possible and if there is a way foir me to find out who is doing this.

Nya! Someone hacked my cell phone and is somehow using it for international calls. I only use it for about 5 to 30 minutes a month, and some how, though I always buy 30 dollars worth of minutes, and 10 cents buys a minute, it always drops to zero. I think a guy I called a couple of times is doing it. Help, anyone?

I did a search for cell phone hacker and this page about the family who was harassed was listed. I am scared that my ex-boyfriend has hacked into my cell phone because somehow he got a phone number of a person who I met after we broke up. Is there any way I can find out if someone has hacked into my cell phone? Can anyone give me any advise?

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