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Solutions for Loud Mouth Cell Phone Users

August 19, 2007 10:50 AM | Interesting | Comments (12)

Do you hate when people are talking really loud on their cell phone and it becomes really annoying, whether you are sitting in a bus, train, and restaurant or even at your work place. Or worse yet, you are ready to get it on with your mate and they are talking way too long on their cell phone with their mother! 

Well now you can counter their noise by jamming their cell phone signals with the Personal Cell Phone Signal Blocker (CPSB).  I know it's a little sneaky but hey the military does it so why not you!

The CPSB creates enough interference to block all cell phone signals around you regardless if its GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS or 3G.  The CPSB creates a 2 to 40 feet (0.6 meter to 12 meter) radius of signal black out area.  Its built-in 1500mAh battery lasts 3 to 4 hours and can be charged (via included adapters) on AC and 12V car power.  The unit weighs about 6 oz and can fit in your pant pocket.

Check out Deal Extreme for more information about the Cell Signal Phone Blocker


Don't want to spend the money for a CPSB, we have a cheaper solution.  Give the loud mouth a "SHHH CARD"!




 Or you can get really extreme like in the cartoon below; however, we don't recommend this!



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Get the cell phone jammer! If you shoot someone you'll go to jail and feel really guilty; if you are not a psychopath. :-)

Would you rather I buy a cell phone jammer or shoot the loudmouth with my Glock model 17? Please pick ONE....

It is in fact illegal to operate a jammer in the U.S. without certain licensing and permits from the FCC.

Anonymous, You are right! It is illegal so as much as I hate those annoying teenagers giggling on those phones I guess I will have to simply put up with it. I wish I knew how to change that law! Thanks for the input, I hope that I can cancel my order in time.

Dear Anonymous, Radio jamming is illegal? Please! With all of the crimes, and all of the possible scenarios of severity, one is supposed to believe that this is a Federal offense? Well, they can have my jammer when they pry it from my cold dead hands. Afterall, I am preventing annoying people from gabbing, child molesters from distributing pictures, and morons who call someone just to act important or strike a pose. Just doing my part to give a life to those who currently do not posses one.

Oh, right. Australians are known for the quiet way they fit in. Ah well, what do you expect from a guy that likes to eat beer-making byproducts on toast. Take that, Bob. If that is your real name.

Why do people hate americans again? Bob, you're a racist. No better than a nazi.

Anyway...I want a cell jammer!

Nice. The one country in the world the US has most in common with besides Canada and you kids are bickering. Remember: ITS ONLY ILLEGAL IF YOU GET CAUGHT, SO DON'T GET CAUGHT. Now, kiss and make nice. We have homicidal terrorists to neutralize.

milk a koala? you really are a stupid yank

It's not just us Americans, Bob. There are plenty of others. I've got two words for you: Paul Hogan. Why don't you go milk a koala, or whatever the hell you f*cktards down there do for fun.

It's not mobile (cell) phone users that are loud and annoying - IT'S ALL AMERICANS. So why don't you all SHUT UP.

Of course you realize radio jamming is totally illegal in the US, don't you? Federal law.

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