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Tired of Poor In-Home Cell Phone Reception?

October 26, 2007 10:05 AM | Gadgets | Comments (1)

Tired of your poor cell phone reception in your home?  Or are you looking to get rid of your landline but there are dead spots in your home?  Well there are three new technologies to consider that will solve your problem.  One lets you make calls over your home Wi-Fi network through your cell phone, the other uses "femtocell" which is a small in-home cell tower, while the third boost your cell phone signal.

Two services use broadband connection to route in-home cell phone calls over the Internet using VoIP, however they allow you to send and receive calls directly from your cell phone, with your regular cell phone number. You start a call indoors over broadband and continue it outside over cellular, and vice versa. Both systems are transparent to use and both function well.

The Sprint AIRAVE by Samsung is the first commercially available femtocell, a compact base station that works with any Sprint phone and a broadband Internet connection to provide enhanced in-home wireless coverage plus unlimited calling.

Sprint customers in select areas of Denver and Indianapolis will now be able to enjoy enhanced wireless coverage and unlimited minutes in their homes with today's limited launch of the Sprint AIRAVE by Samsung in the two cities.

Sprint customers in select areas of Denver and Indianapolis will be able to purchase the AIRAVE at area Sprint stores for $49.99. Sprint plans to make the AIRAVE available later this year to customers in the remainder of Denver and Indianapolis, along with Nashville, and to customers nationwide in 2008.



T-Mobile rolled out the HotSpot@Home service nationwide this summer. HotSpot@Home uses hybrid handsets that switch from a cellular network to Wi-Fi when you move into range of a hotspot. Built-in Wi-Fi isn't enough, as special circuitry must perform the handoffs between the Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Only a few handsets work with the service: Nokia's 6086, Samsung's t409, and RIM's 8320. And though any Wi-Fi router will work with the service, T-Mobile sells optimized models from D-Link and Linksys that promise to provide better voice quality and to extend your handset's battery life. Wi-Fi uses a lot of power.

If you have a Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as a laptop, the iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC, the T-Mobile MDA or SDA handheld, or the SonyEricsson GC89 PC Card, all you need is a HotSpot account and you’re screaming down the information superhighway all at speeds up to 1.5 Mbps. It’s simply the fastest wireless Internet access available. No waiting required.

Don't want a monthly bill, then a cost effective option is to consider using the Wi-Ex zBoost to improve indoor cell phone coverage. zBoost captures the wireless signal outside, brings it inside and enhances, or boosts it; thus extending a Cell Zone in your home or office or your car.  Visit zBoost store to check prices. zBoost repeats and amplifies the signal and is frequency dependent. zBoost works with most phones and carriers (except Nextel) and comes in 4 models.


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I looked in that Wi-Ex zBoost, but bought the cheaper model ($170) instead.


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