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Make Free Cell Phone & Landline Calls with Jaxtr

November 7, 2007 6:59 PM | Services | Comments (2)

Want to make free phone calls (cell phone and landline) to pretty much anywhere in the world without downloading software to use on your computer like Skype or incurring additional costs?  Sounds too good to be true?  Well it's here. Check out Jaxtr (! 

Jaxtr links your phone to the Internet. Unlike Skype, where phone calls are placed from a computer and require a download, jaxtr allows its users to enjoy the cost savings of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) from the convenience of any ordinary mobile or landline phone.

Jaxtr links your phone to the web, so you can hear from callers worldwide while keeping your existing phone number private. Jaxtr’s PrivacyShield automatically routes calls to voicemail. You can then easily control which friends you want to ring through to your phone. You do not need an headset. Jaxtr works with any phone you already use, including ordinary landline phones.

Jaxtr is free. In the future, they plant to offer premium services for jaxtr power users, but their basic service will remain free.

Jaxtr is free. In the future, they plant to offer premium services for jaxtr power users, but their basic service will remain free. Jaxtr saves users money bypassing expensive international mobile fees. Now, for the first time, you can call friends and family overseas at the same cost and with the same convenience as calling a friend down the street.

Jaxtr has doubled its membership each month since the launch of its public service in March. Over 40,000 users now register per day to call friends and family overseas at the same cost and with the same convenience as calling a friend down the street. Jaxtr works with any phone in 220 countries, and no download is required.

1,300,000 of the 2,000,000 jaxtr users are in their 20's. One of the attractions for users in this demographic is the ability to hear from people visiting their MySpace and Facebook profile even when they are off-online. From, users simply click to add their jaxtr widget to their social networking pages. People visiting their profile can then click on their jaxtr widget and initiate a phone call - and the jaxtr user can receive this call without having to be online or needing to share their actual phone number.

"Business professionals can add their jaxtr link to their LinkedIn profile and receive phone calls in the same manner," said jaxtr CEO Konstantin Guericke. Guericke was a co-founder of LinkedIn prior to joining jaxtr. "In addition to being able to receive phone calls without having to reveal one's number, users gain greater control over incoming calls by posting their jaxtr link instead of their phone numbers online."

For example, jaxtr users select which of their phones should ring when receiving a call. In addition, they control, on a caller-by-caller basis, whether a caller rings through to their phone, is only allowed to leave a voicemail message, or is blocked entirely. Jaxtr users can review voicemails they receive just like they check email messages in web-based email systems like Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail or Gmail.

In addition to providing extensive call-control services, jaxtr also enables people to call friends and family abroad without incurring international charges, even if placing the call from a mobile phone. Callers don't need to register with jaxtr to call their friends, so in addition to jaxtr's two million registered users, there are over a million more people who have made calls without registering for jaxtr.

Anyone can click on the jaxtr link of their friend and enter their number. Then, their phone rings, their friend's phone rings and jaxtr connects the call. By saving the local direct-dial number that jaxtr displays on their mobile and dialing it the next time they call their friend abroad, people can place calls directly from their mobile phone and bypass expensive international phone charges. No download or special phone is required. Users simply pick the person they want to call from the contact list on their mobile phone and hit the green call button to place a call.

There are more than three billion mobile phones in use today compared to fewer than one billion computers, of which only a fraction are voice-enabled and have high-bandwidth Internet connections. Jaxtr designed its communications service, so that calls can be initiated even from ordinary landline phones in order to build a service that can be far more broadly adopted than those relying on computers or proprietary telephony hardware.

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will be renowned, due to its feature contents.

Thank you for the information on jaxtr. I'm amazed that there are 2m customers already. IF the calls are free I wonder how they make money do they advertise during the call connection or is it just a promotional stunt.

Also the fact that Jaxtr links your phone to the web is very brilliant. I'm excited to try it out.

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