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Charge Cell Phone with the Portable Turbocell Charger

February 8, 2008 1:37 PM | Gadgets |

Do you live on your cell phone causing the battery to die often?  Worse yet, when the battery dies, your are often no where close to your charger or an outlet to charge your cell phone! Well you are the ideal person for a portable charger. The Turbocell Charger uses simple and readily available AA batteries to recharge your cell phone’s lithium battery.

Turbocell Charger Features: 

  • Plugs into 9 different brands of phone
    • Audiovox, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, Nextel, Nokia, Samsung, Sony/Ericsson
  • Takes 1 AA battery
  • AlgorChip charges your cellphone's battery safely without damage or risk of fire
  • Up to 2 hours extra talk-time per average AA battery

The Turbocell Charger comes is as a pack of gum and comes with enough connectors to connect with nearly any manufacturer's phone. The average AA battery can add up to 2 hours of extra talk-time.

Visit: Thinkgeek - Turbocell-Charger  for more information.

Product Features

  • Charge anywhere, anytime -- worldwide
  • Great during power outages or other emergencies
  • Dual AlgorChip technology prevents overcharging or damaging your phone

Product Specifications:

Audiovox models:

CDM-8410, CDM-8450, CDM-8455, CDM-8610, CDM-8615, CDM-8900, CDM-8910, CDM-8930, CDM-8940, PM-8912, PM-8920, ppc6700, CDM-8945, CDM-9900/9950, SNPR CDM-8915

Blackberry models:


Kyocera models:

1135, 2100, 2200, 2300, 3225, 7135, KX1V, KX2, KX444, SE44, SE47, V5

LG models:

MM535, PM225, PM325, VI125, VX3100, VX3200, VX3300, VX4400, VX4650, VX4700, VX5200, VX6100, VX6600, VX7000, VX8000, VX8100, VX9800

Motorola models:

E815, 120, 280, MPx220, T280i, T300p, T720, T720g, T720i, T721, T722i, T725, T730, T730c, T731c, V120c, V120e, V120t, V120x, V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, V300, V303, V330, V400, V500, V525, V551, V60, V600, V60c, V60ci, V60g, V60i, V60ic, V60p, V60Q, V60t, V66, V66i, V70, V710, 120e, 120t, 120x, 270c, A630, A780, A830, A835, A840, A845, A920, C331, C332, C333, C353t, E680, E680i, i450, i870, i930, Motorola Q, MPx200, PEBL U6, PEBL V6, Razr V3, Razr V3 Black, Razr V3c, Razr V3i, ROKR E1, ROKR E2, SLVR, SLVR L7, T193G, T2260, T2282, T2290, T2297, V171, V190, V220, V2260, V2267, V2282, V2290, V2297, V2397, V325, V360, V400P, V505, V540, V555, V557, V60t color, V60tw, V60v, V635, V65p, V690, V80, V810, V878

Nextel models:

i205, i265, i275, i305, i30sx, i315, i325, i325is, i355, i35s, i50sx, i530, i55sr, i560, i605, i60c, i710, i730, i733, i760, i80s, i830, i836, i850, i860, i88s, i90c, i90cl, i95c, V180

Nokia models:

1100, 1221, 1260/1260i, 1261, 2115i, 2116i, 252, 282, 918, 2125i, 2126i, 2128i, 2160i/2170/2180, 2260, 2270/2275, 2285, 2600, 2651, 3100, 3120, 3200, 3205, 3220, 3285, 3300, 3310/3390/3395, 3320/3360, 3361, 3560, 3570, 3585/3585i, 3587i, 3588i, 3589i, 3590, 3595, 3600/3650, 3620/3660, 5100, 5110/5120/5160/5, 5125/5165, 5140, 5185, 6010, 6015i/6019i, 6016i, 6020, 6030, 6061, 6100, 6110/6120/6160, 6111, 6161, 6162, 6170, 6200, 6225, 6230, 6235i, 6236i, 6255i, 6256i, 6260, 6270, 6310i, 6340i, 6360, 6370, 6560, 6585, 6590/6590i, 6600, 6610, 6620, 6630, 6651, 6670, 6680, 6682, 6800, 6820, 6822, 7160/7190/7710/7, 7200, 7210, 7250/7250i, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7360, 7600, 7610, 7650, 8260, 8265, 8270/8250, 8290/8210, 8390/9310, 8801, 8860/8810, 8890/8850, 9290, 9300, 9500, N-Gage, N-Gage QD

Samsung models:

SCH-310, SCH-A220, SCH-A530, SCH-A610, SCH-A630, SCH-A650, SCH-A670, SCH-A790, SCH-A890, SCH-i600, SCH-N330, SCH-N370, SGH-E105, SGH-E317, SGH-E335, SGH-E635, SGH-E700, SGH-E715, a650, a670, a790, a890, a900, a950, a970, IP-a790, MM-A800, MM-A880, MM-a900, n330, PM-A740, PM-A840, RL-A760, SCH-a570, SCH-a800, SCH-A850, SCH-i730, SGH-N620, SGH-N625, SGH-P777, SGH-R225, SGH-R225M, SGH-S200, SGH-S307, SGH-T100, SGH-V200, SGH-V205, SGH-V206, SGH-X105, SGH-X426, SGH-X427, SGH-X475, SGH-X495, SGH-X497, SGH-X600, SPH-A400, SPH-A460, SPH-A500, SPH-A540, SPH-A560, SPH-A600, SPH-A620, SPH-A660, SPH-A680, SPH-A820, SPH-a900, SPH-i300/i330, SPH-i500, SPH-i600, SPH-i700, SPH-N240, SPH-N270, SPH-N300, SPH-N400, UPROAR, VGA-1000, VI660, VM-A680

Sony Ericsson models:

A2218, A2218Z, A3618, P800, P900, R3001X, R300D, R300LX, R300Z, R380, R600, S710, T100, T106, T200, T206, T226, T237, T28, T300, T306, T310, T316, T39M, T600, T60C, T610, T616, T61C, T61D, T61LX, T61Z, T62U, T630, T637, T68, T68i, TR300LX, Z200, Z500A, Z600

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