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Get Free Mobile Widgets From Plusmo

May 15, 2008 7:25 PM | Services |

Want to spice up your cell phone?  Then check out Plusmo!  Plusmo is free service that lets you run mobile widgets on your phone. Mobile widgets are tiny application (software programs) that offers a much better mobile experience for a specific purpose. Plusmo offers over 20,000 widgets and most of them were created and shared by users.

You can visit the site to choose from thousands of widgets or create your own. The service was launched in June 2006 with funding from the founders, several ex-Googlers and valley veterans. Today, there are more thousands of widgets published on Plusmo and the company averages about 10 million mobile page views monthly.

To use Plusmo all you need is a browser on your mobile device. Go to from your mobile phone browser and download the client.
Some operators block access to J2ME applications based on the data plan of the subscriber. So, even though your browser might be working, you might see connectivity issues with the Plusmo client.

Visit for more information.

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