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SafeLink Wireless to Aid Low-Income Households in TN

August 13, 2008 6:04 AM | Services | Comments (62)

TracFone Wireless, the Tennessee Department of Safety, local nonprofits and elected-officials will launch SafeLink Wireless to aid 812,807 low-income households in Tennessee.

Through this much-needed service to struggling families, the SafeLink Wireless service will provide Tennessee’s eligible low-income households a free cell phone, unlimited mobile access to emergency services (911), and over an hour of air time each month for up to one year.

Participants may renew service and will be required to re-submit eligibility documentation upon their year completion. More information will be provided during media interviews. The cell phone offers in-demand features: free voicemail account, text, call waiting, international calling to over 60 destinations and caller ID.

A recent study (“Cell Phones Provide Significant Economic Gains for Low-Income American Households,” April 2008) analyzed the impact of mobile phones on low-income households, and uncovered the cell phone is a critical component for personal safety, access to emergency services, and can potentially increase a low-income family’s economic productivity and earning power.


During an exclusive press conference held at the State’s Capitol, media will learn about:

  • The importance of the SafeLink Wireless program to low-income families in TN, and how these struggling households will benefit from this public assistance initiative.
  • The SafeLink Wireless program details, including free airtime, allocated minutes, unlimited access to emergency services, etc.
  • How valuable mobile phones are during a time of need: emergency situation at home, car breaks down on road, a child’s school needing to contact a parent, seeking employment, remaining in touch with employers, staying connected to family and friends, etc.
  • The SafeLink Wireless program eligibility requirements, application process, etc. Daily, millions of Americans depend on mobile telecommunications for a wide range of basic activities including: calling emergency services, searching for employment, staying connected with loved ones, and much more. SafeLink Wireless is a U.S. government supported program for income eligible households provided by TracFone Wireless, Inc. that ensures telephone service is available and affordable for eligible low income households. Over 812,807 households in Tennessee qualify for the Lifeline services.
Consider the following statistics:
  • For people who cannot afford cell phones, being part of today’s connected world and performing these crucial day-to-day needs is near impossible.
  • According to the FCC, about 7.1 million households across the nation do not have telephones (July, 2006), and more than 13 percent with an income under $10,000 do not have telephone service.
  • Low income families struggle paying monthly bills, experience credit issues, and cannot afford traditional home phone and wireless services.
  • Using public pay phones regularly pose problems and cell phone contracts often are difficult to maintain due to costly usage charges over long-term agreements.

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I believe that Broadband Internet access is a human privilege and is a need in all aspect. But some families cannot afford the monthly fee. To begin bridging this digital divide, Comcast plans to offer Internet Essentials, a low-cost broadband connectivity plan for low-income U.S. households.

I have safe link with 60 minutes a month. I was wanting to find out if I qualify for 250 minutes. I have seen on TV. Harry Snyder.

my safelink tel. # is 609 891 6420. i requested a users manual 3 weeks ago. i have not received it. my confirmation code is 1024962300. my mailing address is 3164 , harvey cedars,n.j. 08008.


These phones are not paid for by the federal government. The phones are paid for by TracFone and the minutes are paid by the universal service fee on telephone bills.

I have this phone and I think that it works wonderfully. I haven't had any trouble at all. I get my minutes the same day of evert month. I would like to thank the people that made this program for low income people.These phone are a life saver for me and my family and I just want to say THANK YOUWITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!

trying to verify my annual report on-line but can't find where to 'click' on to verify... can some one please help me... i have the web page..just can't find where to click on to "verify" it... thankyou

I cannot get my min. for my safelink phone. Last month i spent almost 4 hr trying to ge my monthly min. finaly some guy from colmubia got my mins posted. Call tec service and you get a computer, which tells you to do things that my phone doesn't have. I did threaton to bill safetrac for all the time I have spend on the phone trying to get something THEY HAVE BEEN PAID FOR


I think it's outstanding to have help for people who don't have cell phones. Not only is it "poor" people needing them its people who have been working for 13 years and got laid off. No one is above the economic situation anymore. Good for those who still have a job but too many don't anymore. There will always be some who slide through the cracks but that's with everything in the world. I have magicjack and I work everyday. I can't afford a lot of things. I'm not upset they offer it. More power to you. I'd rather my money go to helping a single mother than people in jail any day.

i think the program is great.
my phone is not working properly can i get another one? thanks for any help i can get.

i live in tn were theres not many jobs to be found and i have a one year old and one on the way i would like a safe link phone so i can call and make my epointments the only reason im on a computer now is because my husbands grandparents so please help.. becky

so is this help for people in arkansas?

If you don't have a telephone, how are you logging on to the Internet? If you already have a phone, why do you need a cell phone? The Safelink phone program is for INDIGENT (POOR) people and is not really FREE, because OTHER AMERICANS are footing the bill. So those of you who are COMPLAINING about the Safelink program "AS IF" you somehow ARE ENTITLED TO A FREE CELL PHONE should calm down and get more realistic. There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH; SOMEBODY has to pay for it. The free cell phone (or assistance with payments for a landline phone) is a good idea to help out those who are TRULY NEEDY, especially those who are DISABLED, but more & more LAZY FREELOADERS in U.S. lately seem to be EXPECTING these kinds of FREEBIES, and mainstream America is FED UP WITH FOOTING THE BILL FOR FREELOADERS. We even saw one of these Safelink phones advertised for sale on an online auction site. Now that's really ROTTEN--to accept CHARITY and turn around and try to make a buck off it!!! :-(

i lost my safelink phone what can i do?

I ordered a safelink for emergencys. and the one they sent me was NO GOOD. I needed 911 last month and could not call them. I have tried for 2 days to fet this problem fixed and have spent at lerast 3 hours of time on my land line trying to get help so far NOTHING. and I cannot find a number to call to talk to any onw with ANYauthority. I ask for a supervisor and get some person who hardly speeks and at 72 my dr. says not to get up set. Try not getting up set when all you get is the runaround when you call and ask for help. I'm glad that some of you got a phone that worked. evenRadio shack, a provider for trac phones t0old me this phone is no good, but they WILL NOT replace it.

i have had my phone for months now and i love it because i know i will have it on hand in case of an emergency . and to the person who is putting these people down because they are asking for assistance that is wrong because unlike you we all dont have wealthy parents to give us everything we want we are all just trying to make it with what we got and trying to get a little help and to safelink thanks alot it really helps hope everyones prayers are answered and everyone is well godbless

hey thanks for letting me keep in contact with my love ones lexnmidz17~20++

2 ashley,

maybe you should get OUT of bed. 3 kids already and another 2 on the way? and you can't afford a phone??? so I and other tax payers (read working slobs) will pay for your cell phone. how nice...
who will pay for mine?

So, more of my tax dollars are gong to help the poor as we sink deeper into a socialist society.

I think this is a great program especially for those who are living on a fixed, low income. My 22 year old son is disabled and this is a great help for him. Thank You.

Hello i am Trainea and i am email-ing you because i was wondering about your low income family phones i would love to learn more about it so if you could may you e mail me @
and let me know how ii could get a free phone
please and thank you ...

i have 5 kids im a single mom i recive food stamps and medicade thank u 4 the help

I am 87 years old and live alone. I drive, but not great distances. I sure could use a free phone & minutes. My income is $885.67 a month. Please forward to my neighbors e-mail how I can get one of these phones. Thank You. James A. Sadler

If anyone wants more information on this program go to or

i just got my phone today and it really helps out thanks alot

I'm a disable vet.. and just applyed for the safelink phone, I hope I get it.. I just had my Home/phone cut off it was costing me $600 a year I now have magicjack/Phone that cost $20 a year & works Great with my internet...

I believe other states should consider this service.Because my mother can't afford her cell phone. She is robbing peter to pay paul.

Thank you for considering me for a free cellphone. I have had others and the bills were rediculous. I have three children and I was also diagnosed with MS. So that is much needed in my house. and agian thank you!

I am a stay at home mother of three, and I want to know how to receive a free cell phone.

This site only reports news from SafeLink and others. You have to visit to request help!

im SINGLE MOTHER OF 3 AND I REALY NEED A CELL phone.I recieve medicade and food stamps can you help us!!!!!

hi i have 3 children an pregnant wit twinsi receive foodstamps i can not work cuz im on bed rest can u help me get a low-income phone

I am 65, disabled and I also have disable son 33, both have medicate and not working. How would I be able to get free cell phone for us? Thank you.

i applied for a phone and i didnt receive it in the mail i dont remember remember my reference number can you please help me in this matter

I am disabled and on SSI and I would like to know how to apply for the free cell phone for low income people in TN. I receive $694.00 per month.
Thank you.

i need a phone because i have high blood presure and back problems can you please send me more information about the low income phome

I have heart Troulb and bad back I would like a free phoneI)m from MT. Olive N.C.

well, some of us have been trying to get a job-so we can enjoy the luxury of just having one! Jobs are few and far between!!!!! I just don't think these cell phone companies should do crazy-credit checks// cuz it's NOT quite fair! we should be given a Chance just like EVERY-ONE ELSE!!!

UNDERSTAND /ACCEPT factuality this free-phone ordeal going-ta cost-ya. now the only importance upon question-is how much? AND WHO WILL SUFFER THE WRATH OF YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT?

My cousin applied for one of these phones and was given a DHL tracking # which had been filled in Sept. 2008 before DHL stopped making domestic deliveries. He has contacted his congressman and the local news about this supposed hoax on older low income families.

Do you all realize you are asking questions of an online magazine and not the company that provides the service?

i would like to know how i can get a safelink phone

It is really sad the way low-income workers are treated by the government and business' such as this. I applied twice and it's been going on 3 month's and I have yet to receive a phone. Iam very disappointed and disheartened that we as low-income wage earners and tax-payers are treated this way. At this point I don't care if I get the phone.


i lost my phone how do i get another

get a job and buy one like everyone else

I saw a safe link commercial on T.V. for low income senior. I live in Fla. Who do I contacr please.

You can apply at the website:

They have information for enrollment there.

It is limited to only 1 per household.

If you loose the phone, you can buy a new one and have them add the service back in.

They are coming out with insurance if you loose the phone.

Make sure you keep the phone on at the beggining of each month to recharge the minutes.

I am a single mother of four boys. One out of the four has severe cronic asthma and i would like a free cell phone incase of an emergency when i'm on the road with them.

I had a Safelink free cell phone and lost it about a month ago,please cancel it and give me another.
I really need a cell phone.
Thank you.

i dont have a cell phone and it is extremely important for my family needs. how can i acquire a safelink phone?

My parents live in West Memphis Arkansas and my question is, How can my parents apply for the assisted home phone service since they are considered elderly? I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible.

I am a single mom of a three month old. It would be nice to have contact with someone if I was to have a flat tire while my daughter and I were going to her doctor visits or something went wrong.

dear friend, i have been watching the tv and i have seen time after time where you are furnishing people a free telephone, i have one but my wife dont and we need one so as we can let each other know where we are and if we are all right, we are 72 years of age and you know that anything can

when it comes to va, please let me know

how do I apply for the free cell phone?

if someome gets approved for safelink can minor child also quaifiy

I got approved for safelink wireless but i didnt recieve any phone call or update regarding when i was go to get a do i find this information out??

Reply to:
is this only for people in TN.?
Posted by: melissa delee | November 15, 2008 6:31 PM


No its for eveyone i belive now! I just applyed for it! and got appoved! I see if it good i dont have a cell phone so it well be nice!

is this only for people in TN.?

I would like more information about the low income family phone please

I would like you to email me more about the low income family phone please

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