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Track Your Child's Location with the Amber Alert GPS 2G

April 19, 2009 10:49 AM | Gadgets | Services | Comments (1)

Did you know that every year in the United States alone, approximately 800,000 children (younger than 18) go missing, 203,900 children are victims of family abductions every year and 115 children are the victims of "stereotypical" kidnappings each year?

There is a new service called the Amber Alert GPS 2G, which uses the world's smallest, most powerful GPS tracking device.  You track your child by placing the device in a pocket, purse, backpack or car, or attach to a wrist, ankle, or belt.  You then call or text the AAGPS device, and within seconds you’ll receive a detailed map and address of their exact location right on your web-enabled phone.  You can also track one or more devices from your computer.

You can also define a virtual boundary (safe zone) around your neighborhood, school or any where you choose.  Receive an alert when your AAGPS is carried outside of that safe zone. You will continue to receive safe zone alerts by text and email (you choose) every 5 minutes giving you a bread crumb location trail.

The safe zone can easily be changed or cancelled in seconds from your cell phone or from our website.

If your child is in a dangerous or threatening situation, or has a medical emergency, they can press and hold the SOS button.  The device will then send a “HELP ME” text and email to 5 trusted individuals that you have predetermined.  The text and email will contain the street address and map link.  A “HELP ME” text and email containing their current or updated location will be sent to all users every 5 minutes until the emergency is resolved.

Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS

Set a speed limit for your AAGPS device from your cell phone or computer.  Receive a notification when your AAGPS surpasses the defined speed.   If the device is on an individual, you will know immediately that they are in a car. This feature is great for speeding teenagers!

Set the hot and cold temperature thresholds for your AAGPS device easily from your computer.  Receive a notification when your AAGPS temperature surpasses or drops below these thresholds.  This feature is very critical when children are left in hot cars.

You can have the Amber Alert GPS unit send you messages on a regular time schedule, set by you, to tell you the exact whereabouts of your child from moment to moment. This will save you time of having to call the AAGPS unit every time you want an update (only available with "Unlimited Plan").

For more information visit AmberAlertGPS.com.

Amber Alert GPS Commercial #1


Amber Alert GPS Commercial #2

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Brilliant idea and device! I hope this advancement in technology can put an end to kidnapping and related crimes!

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