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Recover Deleted iPhone Text Messages, Contacts, Calls and More with the iPhone Spy Stick

May 31, 2011 11:01 PM | Gadgets |

If you want to spy on your cheating mate who owns a iPhone now you can with the iPhone Spy Stick.  The iPhone Spy Stick allows you to easily recover all their text messages, calendar appointments, calls, contacts lists, pictures, videos and even find out where they went by downloading the phone's map history.  The iPhone Spy Stick looks like an ordinary USB flash drive so no one will suspect that it's a professional grade forensics tool.


The iPhone Spy Data Recovery Stick even allows you to capture deleted data or spy on iPhones of any model, including the iPhone 4. The iPhone Recovery Stick makes it easy to recover deleted text messages, contacts, call and web history, and calendar appointments -- giving you a unique look into exactly what the user has been searching for, who they've been talking to, and even where they've been. With features like saved map search, web searches, and text messages, the iPhone Recovery Stick is the only tool you need to catch a cheating spouse, monitor your kids, or backup your own iPhone data.

  • Get access to deleted information
  • Download text messages and view calls made
  • Recover deleted contacts and calendar items
  • Get access to map searches to see locations searched on the iPhone's map
  • Get access to notes
  • Downloading data is as simple as attaching the iPhone and iPhone Recovery Stick to a computer and pressing start
  • iPhone information is saved on any computer with Excel and can be moved to other drives
  • Looks like an ordinary USB flash drive
  • iPhone recovery Stick allows you to recover data from your iPhone you thought was lost forever
  • No software to install! Software runs directly from the flash drive when it is connected to the PC
  • Extract data without the phone present if the device has been synced, and the data backed up on iTunes
Popular Uses:
  • Catch a cheating spouse
  • Monitor your kids iPhone text messaging and Internet use
  • Check on employees using company issued iPhones
  • Restore deleted information
  • iPhone Spy Recovery Stick
  • USB cable for iPhone
  • Manual
  • The iPhone Spy Stick recovery tool works with any GSM (AT&T) Apple iPhone, including the iPhone 4. Verizon iPhones are not yet supported. The iPhone Spy stick will not work with Android and Blackberry phones, but the Cell Phone Recon for Blackberry/Android will.
  • Make sure to have the latest version of iTunes installed before you begin the recovery
  • Make sure iTunes "auto-sync" is turned off/disabled prior to extracting information (to avoid overwriting files)
  • For iPhones that are password protected, you must have access to the password
  • Computer running Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 2000

NOTE: The iPhone Spy Stick data recovery tool has not yet been tested on the new Verizon iPhone 4; the Verizon iPhone runs a new iOS operating system that is not supported by the iPhone Spy Stick at this time. Please remember to check our site periodically for compatibility updates.
The iPhone Spy Stick is currently on sale at for $169.95. Get Coupons.


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