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Alltel Changes Wireless Phones with Celltop

January 18, 2007 7:57 PM | Alltel |

Alltel Wireless today announced the launch of Celltop, an exclusive, patent-pending technology, built on Qualcomm's BREW uiOne platform that offers customers an easier way to access, manage and organize a wide range of information already available on their Alltel Wireless phones. Celltop gives customers more control over their wireless experience through a unique and fully-customizable technology similar to the desktop on a personal computer.

Now available on select Alltel Wireless handsets, and on all new phones by late-2007, Celltop is free-of-charge and features 10 "cells" that come pre-installed and via download. Each cell is a category-specific half screen comprised of graphics and text that provides shortcuts for wireless users to navigate through information and applications including: call log, weather, news, baseball, basketball, football, rodeo, stocks, text messaging inbox and ringtones.

As part of Celltop's extensive array of customization options, users can also modify the appearance, presentation and organization of information within each cell. 


Fastap - All Letters & Numbers On Your Cell Phone Keypad

November 5, 2006 11:43 AM | Alltel | LG | Technology |

Digital Wireless has created Fastap which is a patented keypad technology that adds all letters to your cell phone keypad in addition to the numbers.  The letters appear in alphabetical order on 26 small, raised buttons positioned at every corner between the standard keys found on a typical cell phone.

One keypad offers two levels of functionality. 

  • Raised Keys – raised above the lowered keys and spaced far from each other to allow easy key pressing without kitting number keys.
  • Lowered Keys – Error prevention software allows error-free operation with any size finger

Fastap is available in the United States via Alltel’s LG AX490 (launched last July), which is the first cell phone from a U.S. carrier equipped with the Digit's alphanumeric keypad technology.  The AX490 flip phone also comes with a VGA camera, a speakerphone, and Bluetooth.



Alltel Wireless Launches the MOTOKRZR K1m

October 3, 2006 5:15 PM | Alltel | Motorola |

Alltel Wireless, and Motorola, today announced that MOTOKRZR K1m, the latest in the enormously popular MOTORAZR family of wireless phones, is available online at starting Oct. 2, 2006. It will be available in Alltel retail stores nationwide Oct. 5, 2006.  Verizon Wireless recently launched the Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m.

MOTOKRZR is narrower than MOTORAZR and yet the new handset includes all the advanced features customers want, including an MP3 player and video camera.

MOTOKRZR features a dark pearl gray glass finish and refined metal keyboard. Exterior touch-sensitive controls enable users to control their music while the flip phone is closed. An optional microSD™ memory card provides up to 1 GB of removable storage.

The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, video capture and playback, and BREW® 3.1 technology.

It also features Bluetooth® wireless technology* and works on Alltel’s Axcess Broadband network, which delivers wireless data, including live TV, at average speeds of 400 to 700 Kbps.



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T-Mobile Launches myFaves-Unlimited Calling to 5 Numbers

October 2, 2006 5:38 PM | Alltel | T-Mobile |

T-Mobile has followed allTel's My Circle plan and launched myFaves which gives you unlimited calling to your 5 favorite people on any cell phone network. Simply choose the five numbers you call most often and add them to your Fave 5. myFaves plans include:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling to any five numbers on any network, even landlines
  • One-touch calling, text messaging, and photo sharing
  • No nationwide long-distance or roaming charges on any calls
  • Change each of your five numbers up to once per calendar month - on the phone or on the Web
  • On a FamilyTime plan?  You can each choose your own five contacts
  • Personalize your five numbers with your favorite photos or downloadable icons


Alltel to Launch XM Satellite Radio for Mobile Phones

August 10, 2006 11:46 AM | Alltel |

Alltel Wireless, today announced an agreement with XM Satellite Radio that will make Alltel customers the first in the United States to have access to a wide range of XM Satellite Radio programming via their wireless phones. Alltel Wireless customers can gain unlimited access to select XM radio channels from the XM Radio Mobile service for $7.99 per month.

The application was developed by MobiTV, the global leader in television and digital radio services for cellular, Wi-Fi and broadband enabled devices.

Alltel Wireless customers will receive audio streams of 20 popular commercial-free XM music channels including: 


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