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U.S. Appeals Court Allows Lawsuit Against Cingular

August 18, 2007 8:17 PM | AT&T | Cingular |

If you were unfairly treated by Cingular (now owned by AT&T) when Cingular purchased AT&T wireless in 2004 because you were told a chip was needed to improve your cell phone service; which required you signing a contract with Cinuglar to get the chip, well you will may be able to join a class action lawsuit against the company. 

The U.S. Appeals Court on Friday reversed a lower court decision to allow going ahead with the class action suit.  The lawsuit was initially filed by Kennith Shroyer, complaining that Cingular dealt poorly with customers after it bought AT&T Wireless in 2004. Cingular told AT&T customers that they would not be able to keep the same rates if they didn't comply.

After Kennith Shroyer's complaint, Judge Manuel Real ruled at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in favor of Cingular's argument that the case was outside that court's jurisdiction and should instead go to arbitration, due to a clause in Cingular customer contracts that barred customers from pursuing legal claims against it in Court.


Apple & AT&T Set To Launch iPhone On June 29th

June 4, 2007 10:11 AM | AT&T | Apple | Cingular |

Apple's new iPhone is set to launch on June 29, 2007.  The highly anticipated smartphone will offer music storage and Internet access.  Apple and AT&T have started aggressively running TV commercials of the new handset. 

Last March we reported that Cingular Wireless (now owned by AT&T Inc.), received about 1 million inquiries about the upcoming iPhone.  If the iPhone does as well as Apple's iPod, Apple and AT&T stand to make a ton of money.

The iPhone will sell at $499 to $599 and will be distributed in the US market via AT&T.  The iPhone weighs 135 grams (3.8 ounces) and operates on the Apple OS X operating system with 4 or 8 megabytes of storage.


LG Prada by Verizon Vs. Apple iPhone by AT&T

May 28, 2007 5:25 PM | Apple | Cingular | LG | Verizon |

It seems that the LG Prada will be launched by Verizon and will the competitor against Apple's soon to be launched iPhone.  The iPhone will be exclusively sold by AT&T. 

According to Scott Moritz, of, Verison will sell a version of LG's phone in the United Stated.  It maybe the Prada or a slightly different version of the Prada.

Like the iPhone, the LG PRADA eliminates the conventional keypad making the overall usage experience a highly tactile one. An extra wide LCD screen maximizes visual impact, allowing the user to benefit from several key features of the phone, including the 2 megapixel camera featuring Schneider-Kreuznach lens, video player and document viewer capacity. Above all, these features contribute to the phone’s beautifully sleek and simplistic appearance.


AT&T 8525 Re-Branded with Push-to-Talk, Music & Video

May 10, 2007 4:26 PM | AT&T | Cingular | Smartphone |

AT&T Inc. announced today the availability of a re-branded and upgraded version of its popular Cingular 8525, the AT&T 8525 Pocket PC, boasting additional services that will appeal to business customers and consumers alike.

The AT&T 8525, powered by the 3G-based AT&T BroadbandConnect network, retains the many features that made it a hit with AT&T wireless customers when launched last year. These include a:

  • Slider QWERTY keyboard
  • Integrated Wi-Fi ( 802.11 b and g)
  • Bluetooth 2.0 and infrared
  • 2-megapixel camera and video recorder
  • Windows Media Player 10 Mobile
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 with Direct Push Technology.
  • AT&T Push to Talk functionality pre-installed as well as the latest multimedia music and video services from AT&T.


iPhone Looks Very Promising - 1 Million Interested

March 28, 2007 2:21 PM | AT&T | Apple | Cingular |

It seems like Apple may be on it's way to having another winner like the iPod.  According to Cingular Wireless (now owned by AT&T Inc.), they has received about 1 million inquiries about Apple Inc. upcoming iPhone.

Cingular will be the first to sell the music-playing iPhone when Apple which will begin shipment in June 07.  Cingular is not taking advance orders for the iPhone, however, it set up a section on its Web site inviting visitors to leave their e-mail addresses to receive information about the phone when it is released.

Apple has said it could eventually sell 10 million iPhones, which play music and video and have a touch screen. The version with 4 gigabytes of flash memory will cost $499, while the 8-gigabyte version will cost $599.


Sony Ericsson Announces the Z750 (HSDPA) Clamshell

March 26, 2007 6:03 PM | AT&T | Cingular | Sony Ericsson |

Today Sony Ericsson announced its first mobile phone to support Mobile Services Architecture (MSA), the next-generation Java™ umbrella standard (JSR-248).

The Z750 is the first Sony Ericsson phone supporting High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) targeted for AT&T (Cingular), delivering data at speeds comparable to or better than fixed-line broadband access systems. Users will have exceptional quality for video streaming, 3D gaming and rapid access to Web browsing and other online services. The Z750 phone also has a 2 Mega pixel camera and integrated blogging features.   The handset comes in two colors: Rose pink and phantom gray.

The Z750 clamshell phone is the first phone based on Sony Ericsson’s Java Platform 8 (JP-8), supporting a range of new Java programming features including instant messaging / chat and presence based functionality, handling banking, payment transactions, user identification and authentication through secure encryption technology, mapping and other location-aware applications.


AT&T Giving Customer Free Unlimited Access To Napster

March 26, 2007 5:07 PM | AT&T | Cingular |

Today AT&T Inc. and Napster announced a new offer that gives customers free unlimited access for one year to more than 3 million song tracks through Napster To Go worth $180.  consumers will be allowed to customize playlists on their PC and seamlessly transfer favorite tunes to compatible wireless phones and music devices.

Available beginning Sunday, April 1, across the company’s nationwide wireless footprint with qualifying plans— as well as across the company’s entire 22-state traditional service footprint with qualifying wireless, home phone and broadband triple-pack bundles— the offer enables consumers to conveniently access their favorite songs across multiple screens, including the PC, the wireless screen and other compatible music devices. 

The offer builds on the company’s effort to deliver anytime, anywhere access to enhanced content.


Get American Idol Videos & Tones On Your Cell Phone

March 16, 2007 1:52 PM | AT&T | Cell Phone TV | Cingular |

AT&T wireless customers can now relive their favorite AMERICAN IDOL performances over and over again with Live Idol Videos and Live Idol Tones directly from their wireless phones.

Each week, until the end of the season, the Cingular Video library will feature Live Idol Videos - video clips cut directly from actual performances of the remaining contestants subject to music clearances.

To watch these performance clips, each of which is approximately two minutes in length, consumers simply need to have a 3G phone, such as the Cingular SYNC from Samsung or the Samsung Blackjack, and sign up for the $19.99 MEdia MAX Bundle, which includes unlimited Cingular Video. In addition to videos of the Top 12 contestants' performances, the Cingular Video library also features clips from this season's outrageous auditions.



AT&T Launches Dark Ruby BlackBerry Pearl & Palm Treo 680

March 12, 2007 4:30 PM | AT&T | Blackberry | Cingular | Palm |

AT&T today introduced an eye-catching, dark ruby-colored version of the BlackBerry Pearl and a striking crimson iteration of the Treo 680. The red BlackBerry Pearl is the first wireless handset to be branded for the new AT&T.

Both new, colorful models are available immediately and exclusively to AT&T customers at Cingular Wireless retail stores, the Treo 680 initially at select outlets and the BlackBerry Pearl at all stores nationwide and online, AT&T's wireless business-to-business sales organization, authorized dealers and select national retailers.

Although the Palm Treo 680 and BlackBerry Pearl from AT&T now come in a choice of colors -- AT&T continues to offer the attractive original models -- the compelling looks, features and functionality that have given them a broad following remain the same.


AT&T Showcases First Remodeled Cingular Store

March 12, 2007 4:18 PM | AT&T | Cingular |

AT&T has unveiled the first remodeled Cingular Store which is more than 5,000 square-feet. The store features eye-catching tattoos, high-tech speakers, pulsating beats, four dozen screenst, the latest, coolest, hottest wireless phones.

AT&T Inc. want's a new way to shop for and experience an array of communications and entertainment services with the official re-branding of a Cingular retail store in Houston. It is the first of many planned conversions of company-owned Cingular stores from wireless-centric spaces to a high-energy retail format that showcases AT&T’s complete provider profile.

The new AT&T Experience Store, larger than the typical Cingular store, not only received an extreme makeover – both inside and out – but is the first to demonstrate the benefits of housing AT&T’s product suite under one roof. 


AT&T & WWE To Launch Wrestling Mobile Content

March 9, 2007 6:06 PM | AT&T | Cingular |

AT&T Inc. announced yesterday an exclusive content agreement with World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., resulting in the largest collection of mobile WWE content to date.

In a few months, AT&T and WWE will launch a number of wireless related services. Fans will have access to a custom-built, cutting edge mobile internet WWE portal that will provide access to a deep library of content, and will prove to be a model for a new generation of mobile connectivity. There will be an exclusive collection of WWE-themed videos, ringtones, voice tones and graphics so fans can personalize their mobile experience. In addition, AT&T intends to use WWE content to explore text-based programs that will offer AT&T's 61 million customers and WWE fans a unique interactive experience.

Headlining the debut of WWE in the mobile arena is an extensive arsenal of video content. WWE Mobile will feature a basic package of short-form videos each month, as well as a premium package, providing a deeper view into WWE. 


MediaFLO & Cingular To Offer Cell Phone TV

February 12, 2007 8:58 PM | Cell Phone TV | Cingular |

Today MediaFLO USA Inc. and Cingular (owned by AT&T) they have will deliver mobile entertainment and information services to the wireless unit's subscribers. The two companies expect to make the service available to customers in late 2007.

AT&T will launch the high-quality mobile TV services from MediaFLO USA on phones specifically designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface that ensures customers receive the best live mobile TV experience possible.

Additionally, AT&T will have access to advanced features MediaFLO USA expects to launch in the second half of 2007. Designed to create a unique consumer experience, these features include MediaFLO USA's multicast video clip distribution service; a datacasting application for realtime information and entertainment; and audio services. The MediaFLO USA service complements AT&T's existing voice, data and video-on-demand services, enabling AT&T to offer a unique mobile entertainment experience to its wireless subscribers.


Europe's Telecoms May Create Mobile Search

February 5, 2007 7:24 PM | Cingular | Three - 3 | Vodafone |

Europe's biggest telecoms want to keep more of cell phone advertising in their pockets that hand it over to Google or Yahoo.  Some of Europe's biggest telecoms groups will hold talks next week about creating a mobile phone search engine.

Vodafone, France Telecom, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Hutchison Whampoa, Telecom Italia and American network Cingular will come together for talks at the industry's annual trade show in Barcelona, Spain, Britain's Sunday Telegraph reported. The operators believe that creating their own search engine could help them to "retain a greater share of advertising revenues", it added. "There is a big play in mobile search that we need to be part of, and we are exploring those options at a very high level," an unnamed British executive at one of the companies involved told the paper.

However, The implications for existing deals between the networks and the US search companies are not clear.  Google has signed up Vodafone, Hutchison's 3 and T-Mobile, while Yahoo! has signed up Vodafone and 3.  This will be interesting.


AT&T Launches Pay-Per-Use Push-To-Talk

January 31, 2007 8:30 PM | Cingular |

A little over a year after launching its innovative Push To Talk (PTT) service, Cingular Wireless, now part of the new AT&T, today gives customers the option of experiencing the service on a pay-per-use basis.

Customers using one of several wireless phones can now use the company's PTT service, as needed, for $.15 per minute. In addition to having access to the largest PTT network coverage area, a customer can receive several enhanced PTT features unavailable on similar services offered by some other carriers including:
  • Availability- unique icons allow PTT users to see if other PTT customers are available before making a PTT call.
  • Convert to Cellular - enables a PTT call to be converted to a regular wireless voice call.  Calls with up to 30 participants can be converted effectively creating a mobile conference call.
  • Voice Messaging - allows customers to send a voice message to one person or a whole group.


Cinglar Launches the Palm Treo 750

January 14, 2007 3:41 PM | Cingular | Palm |

Cingular has launched the Palm Treo 750 which combines the power of Windows Mobile 5.0 with Palm ease of use. The Treo 750 provides access to your personal or corporate email, mobile internet, and critical personal or business applications-all at broadband speeds.

Its innovative thinner design makes the device enjoyable as a one-handed device when typing a message, or placing a call. With simultaneous voice and data technology, you won't miss a call when surfing the web or responding to email. It takes up less space sporting a new thinner design and internal antenna. With high speed data and global coverage capabilties, the Palm Treo 750 will keep you connected anywhere business takes you.

Included Features:

  • Enhanced email, internet, messaging, and organizer all in one
  • Microsoft® Windows MobileTM 5.0 with MSFP
  • Slim style with full QWERTY keyboard and internal antenna
  • Type and edit MS Word/Excel files; view PowerPoint & PDF docs
  • Global coverage - Tri-band UMTS; quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE


Cingular to Demo "Live" Cell Phone Video Share Call

January 5, 2007 7:50 PM | Cingular |

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, Cingular will be the first wireless carrier in the United States to demonstrate a service that allows wireless phone users to easily make a "live" video share call. Wow!  It's about time.  From what I hear this has been available in Japan for years.

The service allows users to send a live video stream to a recipient during a standard voice call. Beginning with a normal phone call, customers can hit one button to add a live video stream, allowing the called party to see what the caller is seeing while they're talking. The service also allows customers to switch the direction of the video stream during the same phone call.

For example, a couple in San Antonio would place a regular voice call to their parents in Miami, and once the call is connected, hit the camera button on the phone to start the video session. The parents receive an invitation asking if they want to view the live video stream, and once accepted, they begin seeing the video shot by the kids in San Antonio.


Cingular Raising Text Messaging Rate

January 4, 2007 8:07 PM | Cingular |

Text Messaging is getting more expensive at Cingular Wireless.  Effective January 21, 2007, Cingular Wireless will raise the text messaging rate for customers without a monthly text messaging plan to 15 cents per message sent or received, an increase of 5 cents.  This follows Sprint Nextel increase two months ago to 15 cents per message (pay-as-you-go).

However, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA still charge 10 cents per message sent or received without a text messaging plan.  However, we wouldn't be surprised if Verizon and T-Mobile followed suit and raised their prices.


Live From Your Cingular Phone, It's Saturday Night Live!

December 20, 2006 8:52 PM | Cell Phone TV | Cingular |

Cingular customers no longer have to wait until Saturday night to enjoy what is undoubtedly the most influential sketch comedy show of all time.

NBC Universal, Broadway Video Entertainment, and Cingular Wireless today announced the launch of Saturday Night Live (SNL) Mobile on Cingular handsets, marking the first time SNL content has been made available on the mobile phone.

Cingular Video subscribers can enjoy exclusive mobile access to Saturday Night Live content, including video clips from classic and current episodes, as well as original material produced especially for the mobile screen.

Cingular customers can also purchase and download a diverse collection of SNL- themed ringtones and graphics -- both from current and classic seasons.

SNL Mobile Content: Cingular Video


Cingular to Offer MySpace Functionality to Customers

December 18, 2006 12:54 PM | Cingular |, the world's leading lifestyle portal, and Cingular Wireless, the nation's largest wireless carrier, today announced an exclusive partnership to offer enhanced MySpace functionality to all Cingular customers via their mobile phones. The landmark deal marks MySpace's largest-scale mobile partnership and gives Cingular's customers exclusive access to MySpace Mobile's rich tool set including the ability to edit MySpace profiles, view and add friends, post photos and blogs, send and receive MySpace messages, and much more -- all from the mobile phone. MySpace Mobile on Cingular provides the most compelling features and functionality of the MySpace global community, translated for an easy-to-use and feature-rich experience on a mobile device.

The rich feature set for MySpace Mobile on Cingular includes:

Uploading Photos: Available on select Cingular handsets, MySpace Mobile allows Cingular customers to select photos stored on their mobile device and upload them to their MySpace profile. The same terms of service for MySpace also apply to the mobile sphere, including but not limited to inappropriate content and copyrighted material.


Cingular Testing PayPass Mobile Payment System

December 15, 2006 7:59 PM | Cingular |

New York City Cingular Wireless cardholders will be testing a new service that allows them to make purchases with their cell phones. Cingular announced yesterday that they are joining forces with Nokia, Citigroup and MasterCard Worldwide to try new cell phones that have MasterCard PayPass contactless payment capability. The trial will last 3-6 months and will allow the companies to determine if the "tap and go" payments using cell phones will be fast and convenience to consumers.  

Several Citi MasterCard cardholders with Cingular Wireless accounts have been chosen to participate in the trial. The participants will receive a Nokia handset with "near-field communication" (NFC) technology and the MasterCard PayPass payment function built in. Using the phone, trial participants will be able to make purchases wherever MasterCard's PayPass is accepted by simply holding their phone near the card reader. 


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