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Samsung Introduces Galaxy A7

January 13, 2015 7:20 PM | Samsung | Smartphone |

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled the new Galaxy A7, one of the slimmest Galaxy smartphones equipped with premium hardware for a superior social experience. Combining powerful multitasking performance with sophisticated design, the Galaxy A7 expands on the popular services provided by the Galaxy A5 and A3, enabling users to capture and share every moment seamlessly on their social media platform.

“We strive to develop devices that appeal to a broad range of consumers and are ahead of the next big social trend,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics. “Combining both a stunning metallic design and a powerful performance, the Galaxy A7 is stylish while delivering the superior user experience.”

Setting a New Standard for Social Interaction

The Galaxy A7 is equipped with a multicore processor combining two separate quad core processors, enabling users to quickly and easily perform data intensive tasks. The Galaxy A7 has 16GB of memory and 2GB of RAM to power all of a user’s favorite apps and media, and is supported by a long-lasting 2,600mAh battery.


LG Curved Smartphone Unveiled at CES 2015

January 5, 2015 9:16 PM | LG | Smartphone |

LG Electronics (LG) continues to push the industry boundaries with the unveiling of the new G Flex2 at the 2015 International CES® in Las Vegas. The original G Flex earned positive reviews for its innovative design and outside-the-box thinking. One year later, the G Flex2 improves upon its predecessor in every way possible with a more advanced design, faster performance and most importantly, greater convenience.

The LG G Flex2 boasts sleeker, more stylish curves and a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 processor with Octa-Core 64-bit capable CPUs for a nimbler and smoother performance. Its 5.5-inch display gets a bump up to Full HD, while the updated software offers even more conveniences through all-new features such as Gesture View and Glance View. The unique “Self Healing” back cover from the original G Flex carries over to the G Flex2 and is now faster and more effective than before.

Beauty In The Details

The G Flex2 goes beyond its predecessor’s groundbreaking 700mm radius curved profile. The new smartphone harmoniously incorporates a symphony of curves ranging from a radius of 400mm to 700mm across the front, back, sides and top-to-bottom edges.The dynamically curved layers deliver a sleeker and more dynamic look to G Flex2.

However, the G Flex2’s curves are for more than looks. The phone’s ergonomic design brings the microphone closer to the mouth, for better sound pickup compared to conventional smartphones which allow much more outside noise to enter the phone through the microphone.  The slimmed down 5.5 inches screen with curvatures makes the perfect fit for eyes and the grip. The display’s 700mm radius curvature delivers a truly immersive viewing experience from any angle, while the steeper 650mm radius curvature of the back is more comfortable to grip and fits easier in the pocket. The display’s resolution has also been bumped up to 1080p Full HD, which makes every UI detail appear crisp and alive. The P-OLED display, which gives the G Flex2 its unique shape and durability, is even more precise than in the original G Flex.

Turning the phone over reveals handcrafted details such as the Spin Hairline Pattern on the G Flex2’s curved rear, which showcases the subtle yet brilliant polish of the surface from every angle.

Most Advanced Technology To Date


Yota Devices Announces Availability of the YotaPhone 2

December 8, 2014 9:08 PM | Smartphone |

YotaPhone, the company that innovated the world’s first dual-screen, always-on smartphone today announced the availability of the YotaPhone 2. The YotaPhone 2, unveiled last February, helps people access and read content while preserving battery life.

With the first generation YotaPhone, notifications and other important information appear automatically on YotaPhone’s always-on display.  The next generation YotaPhone allows users to open and respond to these notifications, with just one touch, without having to wake up and activate the color display.  Users can immediately respond to mails and SMSs, accept and decline meeting invites and post to social media.



SGP Technologies SA Announces the Blackphone

June 30, 2014 10:20 PM | Smartphone |

SGP Technologies SA, the Switzerland-based joint venture of Silent Circle and Geeksphone behind Blackphone, today announced that Blackphone handsets have started shipping to the device's first pre-order customers. SGP Technologies formally launched Blackphone earlier this year at Mobile World Congress (MWC). There is overwhelming demand for the phone's focus on user privacy and the unmatched array of integrated features for private communications, browsing, and cloud storage that make Blackphone a category-defining leader in privacy phones. Most recently, MIT Technology Review recognized Blackphone on its prestigious list of the "10 Breakthrough Technologies" of 2014. In addition, Blackphone has won two other awards since its media launch: "The 10 Best Products at MWC 2014" and 2014 Red Herring Europe Top 100 Winner.

"We are excited to achieve this key milestone on schedule and ship a remarkable device to customers that is the result of an unprecedented combination of privacy and mobile innovations and visionaries," said Toby Weir-Jones, CEO of SGP Technologies. "Blackphone's arrival puts mobile privacy directly in the hands of professionals and consumers everywhere. In a world where devices and apps increasingly offer features only in return for users' personal or sensitive information, the pent-up demand for Blackphone shows there is strong, international demand for our brand's devices and services that stand apart by placing privacy before all else."

Blackphone is the world's first smartphone built from the ground up to maximize user privacy. Blackphone's security-enhanced operating system, PrivatOS, built on Android™ KitKat, provides users protection and control over security issues without the usual compromises. The unique advantages include:


Amazon Announces the Firefly Smartphone

June 18, 2014 6:44 PM | Smartphone |

Today Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon announced the Fire smartphone.  Per message on

"Fire is the only smartphone with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly, two new technologies that allow you to see and interact with your world through a whole new lens.

Dynamic Perspective uses a custom-designed sensor system that responds to the way you hold, view, and move your phone. It opens up a new class of immersive apps and games not possible on other smartphones, as well as one-handed navigation and gestures like auto-scroll—read long web pages and books without ever touching the screen.



Samsung Launches Industry's First Tizen Smartphone - the Samsung Z

June 2, 2014 7:17 PM | Samsung | Smartphone |

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, today introduced the Samsung Z, the first commercially available smartphone powered by the Tizen platform. The Samsung Z will be on show at the Tizen Developer Conference, San Francisco from June 3rd.

Built on top of unparalleled quality and the cutting-edge technology of Samsung’s latest premium smartphone, the Samsung Z is optimized with a Tizen platform that offers fast and powerful software performance. Complete with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display and a 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor, the Samsung Z makes the perfect choice for consumers who want a differentiated user experience in an efficient and light-weight smartphone.

"Samsung is committed to enhancing the mobile experience of consumers with innovation that is both personal and unique to their needs," said DJ Lee, President and Head of Global Sales & Marketing Office, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “The Samsung Z integrates the power and adaptability of the Tizen platform, enabling users to browse the web faster and utilize applications more effectively.”

Quick and Efficient

The Tizen platform delivers a fast, optimal performance with improved memory management. The Tizen-based Samsung Z offers a faster startup time and immediate multi-tasking capabilities, The Samsung Z fully supports superb 2D and 3D graphic qualities, smoother scrolling and an improved rendering performance for web browsing. Users will also be able to enjoy safe and secure privacy protection using the built-in fingerprint sensor.


Pantech Mobile Launches Pantech Vybe

May 27, 2014 7:41 PM | Pantech | Smartphone |

Pantech Mobile, the innovative and leading wireless device manufacturer and U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Co., Ltd., announced today the launch of Pantech Vybe, an affordable, easy to use quick messaging phone with a large touchscreen display, slide-out keyboard, quick camera button, social media shortcuts and the ability to customize multiple homescreens with favorite apps and web bookmarks.

Perfect for those who want quick access to messaging and social media in a fashionable, compact and sleek form factor, the Pantech Vybe will be available exclusively at AT&T stores nationwide and online at beginning Friday, May 23 for $29.99 with a new two-year contract. With low-cost monthly rate plans, the Pantech Vybe is an attractive and affordable option to add to a family plan.

In addition to offering a text-friendly phone at an affordable price, the Pantech Vybe's features include: 
  • Slide-Out Keyboard
  • Large 3.2" Touchscreen Display with Three Customizable Homescreens
  • Quick Camera Button
  • Social Media Shortcuts
  • Say-A-Command Button
  • Pantech Mobile's Dual User Modes
  • Bluetooth®
Additionally, the Pantech Vybe offers access to AT&T pre-loaded features and services, such as Mobile Web and Email with, AT&T Drive Mode®, AT&T Navigator®, AT&T Address Book, AT&T Family Map® and account management with myAT&T.


LG Introduces the New LG G3 Smartphone

May 27, 2014 7:36 PM | LG | Smartphone |

LG Electronics (LG) today introduced to the world its eagerly anticipated LG G3 smartphone, the successor to the company’s popular LG G2. With launch events taking place in six cities worldwide — London, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul — the LG G3 aims to redefine the definition of a global smartphone for global customers.

The all-new LG G3 will arrive on U.S. soil later this summer with T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores.

Developed under the Simple is the New Smart concept, LG G3 is a culmination of consumer research based on LG’s product development philosophy, Learning from You. The LG G3 was empowered with the best of what current technology has to offer, providing consumers with a user experience more ambitious than anything offered before by LG.

“The smartest innovation in a fast evolving smartphone market is creating harmony between advanced technology and a simplified user experience,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The LG G3 is the result of our effort to actualize that idea into a tangible product. And we are extremely pleased with the result.”


Introducing Moto E and Moto G with 4G LTE

May 13, 2014 10:01 PM | Motorola | Smartphone |

Motorola was the first company to bring consumers the cellular phone, the flip phone and a really, really thin feature phone. Now Motorola wants to radically transform the mobile industry once again by making quality smartphones that can do great things available to practically everyone.

Nine months ago Motorola launched the Moto franchise and flagship Moto X, which brought new value to smartphone buyers through exclusive experiences like Touchless Control and Moto Maker, and the fastest software upgrades in the industry. Then Motorola introduced Moto G, an exceptional phone at an exceptional price and now the best selling smartphone in Motorola history.

Now they are pushing the boundaries of the value equation even further with Moto E, a new class of smartphone that’s fully loaded and fairly priced -- a perfect combination for savvy shoppers and first-time smartphone buyers. Because smartphones haven’t always come at smart prices and Motorola believe that people shouldn’t have to compromise on quality, style or experience.

The fact is, about 70% of mobile phone users in the world are still using feature phones that can’t unlock the full wonder of the mobile Internet, in many cases because they don’t think it’s worth the $337 for a smartphone (the average selling price globally in 2013).

Motorola believe it’s time the feature phone era came to an end and that quality smartphones are made accessible and affordable for all. Say hello to Moto E and join us in officially saying goodbye to the feature phone forever.



Two New Affordable New LG Smartphones from T-Mobile & MetroPCS

April 23, 2014 9:38 PM | LG | Smartphone |


If you long for springtime but loathe spring-cleaning, the Un-carrier may have just the thing for you. Un-carrier customers can clean up with the budget-friendly, feature-rich LG Optimus L70, available from MetroPCS today, and the LG Optimus L90, available from T-Mobile April 30th. Both affordable, new Android smartphones are offered for little or no upfront cost, no annual service contract, no overages, no hidden device costs, and no upgrade wait – making it easy to refresh, renew and upgrade for not a lot of green.

“As the Un-carrier, we’re relentlessly focused on offering more value to our customers,” said Jason Young, senior vice president of marketing at T-Mobile. “And the LG Optimus L90 and Optimus L70 deliver in spades. Both of these affordable Android-powered smartphones pack sweet high-end specs in a sleek design. Combine either one with our unlimited talk, text and data plans, and you’ve got the kind of value and freedom that only America’s Un-carrier can deliver.”

LG Optimus L90

With the sleek LG Optimus L90, T-Mobile customers won’t have to compromise for a feature rich smartphone at an affordable price on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. It boasts a 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor and is equipped with a large and vivid 4.7-inch qHD display. The 5MP camera, with LG-exclusive advanced camera features, allows you to express and share more with family and friends. The rear cover self-healing paint is designed to help recover from the normal wear and tear of daily use, including minor scratches and surface damage from keys and other objects.



OnePlus One launch date set for April 23

April 23, 2014 9:35 PM | Smartphone |

Startup phonemaker OnePlus has announced on its official forum that it will unveil the OnePlus One smartphone on April 23. The company has been quite eager to build up hype for its first smartphone revealing a large portion of its specifications already.

Just yesterday, the company unveiled that it has decided to update the chipset of the OnePlus One. According to the original plans, the phone would have a Snapdragon 800 chipset, but now it has been confirmed to boast the newer Snapdragon 801.

Additionally, the OnePlus confirms the One will feature replaceable back covers, 3100mAh battery and a 6 piece 13 megapixel Sony Exmor camera with f/2.0 aperture. Further rumors tip the OnePlus One to come out with an aluminum unibody design and is expected to cost less than $400, but the latter isn't backed by official confirmation just yet.

The company hasn't detailed where the event would take place, but our guess would be Shenzhen, China, where the company is based. We'll give you further details as soon as they arrive.



Windows Phone 8.1 update: everything you need to know

April 2, 2014 9:07 PM | Nokia | Smartphone |

Starting this summer, any Lumia device currently running Windows Phone 8 will receive an over-the-air update, receiving these great new features:

Action stations for Action Center

If you’ve missed a phone call, been mentioned in a Tweet, or received an SMS, you’ll now find all of these things in one place – the new Action Center.

Alongside your notifications, Action Center contains four quick settings (which are customisable) to enable you quicker access to switch on Flight Mode, and Wi-Fi, for example, even when your phone is locked.

Word Flow brings faster typing

Introducing the most intuitive smartphone keyboard yet, Word Flow.

Instead of typing out each letter when your type, now glide your finger over the screen and let your Nokia Lumia accurately predict what you’re going to type.

The more you use Word Flow, the more it learns from you, predicting your most frequent expressions. Word Flow supports 16 languages.

Greater Start screen personalization

The Start screen has been refreshed to include an extra column of Live Tiles.

Now, there’s much more room to pin your favourite apps, games, bookmarks and people, all within easy reach.

Additionally, the Start screen background now has the ability to display pictures, rather than just black or white. These photos can also be seen through system tiles.



Glowing performance: Nokia Lumia 630 & Lumia 635

April 2, 2014 8:57 PM | Nokia | Smartphone |

Delivering a fast quad-core processor, 4.5-inch ClearBlack screen and a unique colourful design with changeable shells, the Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 635 provide a super smooth Lumia experience at an affordable price.

The Nokia Lumia 630 packs a wealth of innovation and comes in two 3G variants, including the most affordable Lumia, and the first Lumia with dual-SIM, giving people more choice and on their own terms.

The Nokia Lumia 635 is Nokia’s best-value 4G smartphone ever and makes browsing, streaming and downloading content on the go lightning fast.

The Lumia 635 is distinguished by a high-gloss finish and a unique dual-layered, luminous tonal surround that glimmers and glows, offering the first taste of the Lumia colours for 2014, with swappable covers available in bright orange, bright green, bright yellow, and white and black.

Both the single and dual-SIM Lumia 630 ship with a new matt finish and the same vibrant colours, you could however treat yourself to a glossy cover if that’s your preference.



T-Mobile Serves Up the Stunning All-New HTC One

March 27, 2014 8:14 PM | HTC | Smartphone |

If there’s a small part of you that enjoys inspiring envy with your sleek new superphone (while knowing you got that object of desire for a steal), this one’s for you. T-Mobile US, Inc. today announced it will be un-leashing the gorgeous next-generation HTC One (M8) as only the Un-carrier can – with unlimited talk, text and data on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network.
The Un-carrier also announced that T-Mobile will be the only place to get your hands on the new HTC One (M8) with no annual service contract, no overages, no upgrade wait, no hidden device costs, and with the world as your network at no additional cost.
“Our friends at HTC have nailed it again,” said Jason Young, senior vice president of Marketing, T-Mobile. “The all-new HTC One (M8) has the brainpower of a true superphone together with stunning hardware design, which combined with T-Mobile’s Un-carrier freedom on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network, equals an enviable package.”
Beyond the benefits of T-Mobile’s industry-rocking Un-carrier services and value, the all-new HTC One (M8) comes packed with state-of-the-art features, including T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling and HD Voice, that build on the company’s tradition of mobile innovations.
Created from a beautiful high-quality metal unibody, the new HTC One (M8)’s curves and balance make it a pleasure to hold and use, while the 5-inch screen makes navigating its many features feel second nature.


Samsung Introduces the Galaxy Core LTE for Optimized Power and Performance

February 18, 2014 10:25 PM | Samsung | Smartphone |

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in mobile technology, today announced the Samsung Galaxy Core LTE, designed to offer users an optimized and enhanced performance, a premium design and a wealth of innovative smart features made popular by flagship Galaxy devices. Backed by an advanced LTE experience, this device can operate seamlessly and effectively across all aspects of a user’s life.

The Samsung Galaxy Core LTE is the perfect device for the user looking for faster downloading and media speeds than ever before thanks to an advanced LTE experience on the LTE Category 4 network. Equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, the Galaxy Core LTE supports seamless multitasking and faster webpage loading.

All of these activities are complemented by a large 4.5-inch qHD display that is optimized for 16:9 video content, and a long-lasting 2,100mAh battery for extended usage. The Galaxy Core LTE also comes equipped with superior connectivity features including NFC technology with S Beam, so that users can easily share large music, image and video files with others, Bluetooth 4.0 and A-GPS + GLONASS.

The Galaxy Core LTE sports a premium design with a leather and soft-feel back covering a convenient size making it comfortable for users to grip. The device features a 5 megapixel camera with smart features including Sound & Shot, Best Photo, Continuous Shot, Panorama and Buddy Photo Share for flawless photos. To bring users the best of the Galaxy series, additional smart features include Easy Mode, Adapt Sound, Safety Assurance, Motion UI, Smart Alert, S Voice, S Translator, and S Travel. A range of smart services including ChatOn, and Drop Box are also available on the Galaxy Core LTE.*available in select countries

The Galaxy Core LTE will be available in White and Black in countries across Europe as well as in Russia and select countries in Asia. The Galaxy Core LTE will be referred to as the Galaxy Core 4G across some regions.


LG's Newest G Series Device LG G PRO 2 Launches in Korean Market

February 13, 2014 6:55 PM | LG | Smartphone |

Today LG Electronics (LG) introduced the LG G Pro 2, its follow-up to the award-winning G Pro, to the Korean public. Much like last year’s G Pro, which was recognized as the Best Smartphone of MWC 2013, the G Pro 2 comes equipped with a state-of-the-art display and new UX features to take user convenience to the next level.

With a stunning 5.9-inch Full HD IPS display and extra slim bezel of 3.3mm, the G Pro 2 offers an industry-leading screen-to-frame ratio of 77.2 percent. A thicker, high-power 1W Hi-Fi sound that’s 30 percent louder than in the G Pro delivers clearer sound with more powerful bass. And to simplify the powering on and unlocking process, LG engineers developed a completely unique feature called Knock Code™ which makes unlocking and using the G Pro 2 easier and more convenient than ever before.

“Knock Code is an example of LG bringing simpler, more convenient solutions to consumers’ mobile lives,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Whereas in the early years of smartphones it was a contest to see how many features could be stuffed into the phones, our researchers took a long, hard look at how consumers were really using their devices in their daily lives and included just the most useful UX features. We think customers will agree.”

An evolution of the popular KnockON feature that was first unveiled last year in the LG G2, Knock Code allows owners to power on and unlock their G Pro 2 smartphones in one easy step by tapping their screens using one of 86,367 “knock” combinations. Thanks to LG’s intelligent algorithm and advanced hardware, the knock pattern can be entered on any area of the screen — whether the display is turned on or off — using anywhere from two to eight taps.


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