RootScore Report Shows Sprint Has Fastest Mobile Network in Corpus Christi, TX

Independent mobile analytics firm RootMetrics® has just released a new RootScore® Report showing Sprint now has the fastest mobile network in Corpus Christi, with a #1 ranking in network speed and data performance. In addition, the new analysis shows Sprint in a dead heat tying for 1st place in overall, call and text network performance.

This is the first time Sprint has received an outright win for network speed in Corpus Christi. This report marks the sixth time RootMetrics has tested Corpus Christi, with the last test occurring in January 2015.

“This coastal community is an amazing place to live and work, and we’re proud to provide our customers with the fastest mobile network,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. “Making sure Corpus Christi has an exceptional network is our #1 priority and there’s never been a better time to join Sprint.”

Fastest Network in Corpus Christi

RootMetrics drove a total of 1,109 miles and conducted 16,229 tests in Corpus Christi. During testing Sprint had the fastest median download speed at 22Mbps, up from 3.3Mbps in the previous report, and RootMetrics was able to experience Sprint’s newly deployed carrier aggregation technology on the 2.5GHz spectrum band. This feature of LTE-Advanced essentially creates a wider lane that allows more network traffic to travel at higher rates, enabling Sprint to provide Corpus Christi customers with even faster data speeds.

In addition to deploying some of the most advanced technologies in wireless, Sprint has relentlessly focused on expanding and fine-tuning the network in Corpus Christi. In the past year, the company added 2.5GHz service to 45 new cell sites, and increased its 1.9GHz 4G LTE coverage. Sprint’s network teams then systematically optimized each cell site to maximize overall performance, coverage, capacity and speed.

Sprint has also improved service and upgraded the wireless systems in high-traffic areas such as USS Lexington, The Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Texas State Aquarium, Corpus Christi International Airport, La Palmera Mall, Moore Plaza Mall, Sunrise Mall, Gulf Coast Racing Park and Padre Island. The company also brought in additional network capacity to support the Spring Break event on Mustang Island and North Beach.

“Wireless connectivity drives economic and civic progress,” said Dr. John Saw, Sprint CTO. “We’re pleased to give Corpus Christi the fastest wireless network, one that fully enables entertainment, communication and collaboration across the community.”

Corpus Christi, Switch to Sprint and Save!

In addition to offering the fastest wireless network in Corpus Christi, Sprint offers the best value for individuals and families. Individuals can get unlimited high-speed data, talk and text for $70 per month.1 Families switching to Sprint get four lines with unlimited talk, text and 40GB of high-speed data to share while on the Sprint network for $120 per month (excludes taxes and surcharges).2 Sprint will pay off every dime of your old phone or contract so you can switch via an American Express® Reward Card after online registration and phone turn-in.

Source: Sprint