Verizon Messages App Allows Users to Send 1GB of data to Friends and Family for $10

Giving a gig means more than just some bytes of data. It means your loved one can enjoy more Netflix episodes, the social one in the family can send more Snapchats, or the football fan can watch more NFL Mobile.

Starting today, you can send 1GB of data to friends and family for $10 using the Verizon Messages app (Android) or through the Verizon website. And to keep it simple, it’s billed to your Verizon account.

Verizon Messages

A software update to the Verizon Messages app on Android is being rolled out which will enable data gifting. You’ll find the data gift option in the eGift Catalogue within the Verizon Messages app and be able to personalize it with a message before you send it. Your friend will receive the gift as a text message with a link to redeem their 1GB.

Verizon Website

Another option is to sign into you’re my Verizon account online and send it through there. You’ll also have a chance to personalize it with a message before sending. The recipient will be able to redeem either through a text message or the next time they log in to their Verizon account online.

Source: Verizon Wireless